Live Trading Room (FTSE100) £179/month

Live Trading Room (FTSE100) £179/month

Product Description

Trading can bring YOU amazing benefits as well, and the FTSE Service and LIVE TRADING ROOM are for “novice traders” and experienced traders” alike – good ideas are always useful, and in the markets that simply means greater PROFITS!

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Your trading mentors Mark and Cameron will show you how you too can become a successful trader by making trading profits everyday and to enjoy the Ultimate trading lifestyle – which only comes with lots of trading practice and KNOWLEDGE!You can follow trades and practice on a demo account until you feel comfortable or take the next step and open a live trading account.

Our traders have cashed in over the last two years successfully trading the FTSE100 Index and profiting from the many market opportunities which they will teach you to identify.

What they have to say about making profits trading:

Not just teachers – we are traders!

Trading expertise and focus can put money in your pocket without spending hours in front of your screen. Most of our trades are done in the first 30 minutes after opening.

Experts in the top 10 global index markets

We started our business focusing on the FTSE and we continue to concentrate our expertise on the FTSE day in and day out.

Winning Trades!

Our trades win over 70% of the time and our house account is up over 100% since we began 2 years ago.

We live and breath Trading

This is our “day job” and we have been doing it for over 20 years collectively and we are the best in the business at it, and that means you get the best results… and we put money in our clients’ pockets. It also means we look at things from unique angles that you may not have thought of if you are trading on your own.

We want to share the ultimate trading lifestyle with you.

Mark & Cameron